Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The One Who's Searching To Destroy

So I'm going straight to my notes again for this post. Side note before I start, the title of this post is from a lyric of the song that played during the episode.

*In the 2004 timeline, Locke takes a "leap of faith" off of the handicap van.

*Back on the Island, my theory is the blonde headed kid in the jungle is little Jacob. If this is so then I'm theorizing that every time Jacob or The Man in Black die, they start all over again on the Island.

*So according to Illana, Flocke is "stuck this way", as Locke, but why is he stuck and for how long?

*In the scene with Sawyer, Flocke, and the list on the wall, I believe the opposite of everything Flocke said. This is what I think:
1. The Island does need protecting.
2. Jacob was trying to prevent them from coming to the Island when he touched each one of them.
3. Jacob did not manipulate them. They were all given the choice of free will.

That's all I have on this episode. I didn't take nearly as many notes as I usually do. I'm not quite sure what Flocke and Sawyer have to do together to get off of the Island but I am praying that it does not involve the Donkey Wheel!!

What Kate Does Is Whatever Someone Tells Her Not To Do

For this post and the next post, I'm just going to basically write what I have in the notes I take down during the episode. I've never tried this style of writing before but hopefully I'll like it.

*Temple Others are the Barefoot Others.

*Kate catches a glimpse of Jack in the 2004 timeline - another deja vu type moment. I'm still not quite sure where Darlton is going with that.

*Everyone, meet Bitter Sawyer. I don't like this Sawyer. Cynical, sarcastic Sawyer I'm good with but bitter Sawyer is not for me.

*Sawyer telling Kate not to come after him obviously mirrors when Jack told Kate the same thing in Season 3.

*Jack is asked to take a Leap of Faith when Mr. Miagi asks him to give Sayid some medicine.

*Did Naveen Andrews forget how to do an Iraqi accent? Was I the only one who took issue with this? It's like he was combining his actual British accent with his fake Iraqi accent. It was so wierd.

*So we learn that Sawyer really did love Juliet. Blech!! My theory is this is closing out the infamous love triangle we have all grown to have a love-hate relationship with. Sawyer professing his love for Juliet to Kate allows the series to end with either Kate and Jack together or with each of them alone. Sawyer even says, "Some people are just meant to be alone."

*Back in the 2004 timeline Ethan is Claire's doctor....again. Notice his last name is now Goodspeed (a la Horace). Was he even born on the Island in this new timeline?

*What does the spinning baseball that Mr. Miagi had symbolize? I'm stumped on that one.

*So Sayid is infected. Just like Robert was? I always knew Danielle was right about her crew being infected. The woman came off crazy to try to throw us a loop but she was right about everything she told the 815ers.

*Regarding the "tests" Dogen performed on Sayid, my theory is Dogen felt the electric shock and/or the branding should have killed him or at least knocked him unconscience. When it didn't, that proved to Dogen that Sayid was non-human.

*Jack did not take the Leap of Faith regarding giving the medicine to Sayid. Jack is still a Man of Science!! Yea! Jack is back!!

*Back in the 2004 timeline Kate uses the Joan Hart alias again. This is the only alias we've ever seen her use twice. This made me curious so I did some googling and found that Joan Hart is a reference to Melissa Joan Hart who was in Sabrina The Teenage Witch with the actress who plays Kate's mother. Here is a list of all of the alias' Kate has used so far: Annie, Joan Hart, Monica Callis, Katherine Dodd, Maggie Ryan, and Lucy. I tried to make a connection but didn't come up with anything. Anyone?

In closing, it seems to me that we are getting to a point where everyone will choose a side - good/white or bad/black. This also leads me to believe that LOST will end with a war of some sort. Here is what I have so far as who will be on which side:

Flocke's side:




Jacob's side:




I'm not quite sure about everyone else yet. Anyone?